Due to the phenomenal success since we launched just over a year ago we are ready to grow into a global platform and change the way commercial spaces are used forever.

The Journey So Far:

  • $200m+ worth of annual leasable space listed in Dubai alone.
  • 2500+ registered users with an average spend of $10k per annum (that's a potential active customer base or $25m right now).
  • A fully developed online booking platform already in use and generating revenue.


With the funds we raise we plan to:

  • Allocate 40% in growing our team of booking agents to help to generate as many bookings as possible from our current potential market value or $25m.
  • Increase our marketing and events budget to manage our own popups making it even more affordable for smaller brands to access high footfall retail locations.
  • Target to create a robust and scalable model which can then expand into key cities around the world.


Whats Your Return?

As with any startup funding, it can be high risk and high reward. The benefit of crowdfunding is that anyone can invest from as little as $500 to show their support in a Startup they believe has potential. The real return on your investment would be if a larger investment fund would come in over the next few years and offer to buy shares which would potentially increase our valuation and therefore any or our shareholders shares purchases now.


How To Invest?

  1. Sign up to the Eureeca Platform and fill in the questionnaire to be able to invest.

 2. Top up your account with the funds you would like to invest (it may ask you to select Share This Space from a list of company names when doing this).

 3. Once your account is topped up you can use this link on the Eureeca platform to view our funding page and view our full proposal.

 4. Click on the pink "Pre Commit" button on the left-hand side and follow the instructions.

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